Authentic American Buffalo Horns for Sale

Widely regarded as one of the most prominent symbols of the west, American buffalo horns hold a special place in U.S. history and serve as a reminder of the millions of buffalos that once roamed this country. If you would like to purchase your very own authentic buffalo horns, Bighorn Taxidermy can help you do it. We proudly offer medium size and XL buffalo horns for sale and can ship them directly to you anywhere in the U.S., so you can position them prominently anywhere in your home or office.

The buffalo horns available through Bighorn Taxidermy are as authentic as it gets, coming directly from buffalos that are harvested for meat. Before sending any buffalo horns out to our customers, we put them through a thorough cleaning process to ensure all medium size and XL buffalo horns we sell will last for many, many years to come.

You can see exactly what our buffalo horns look like in the photos provided below. You can purchase them on their own to have mounted to a plaque, or you can purchase a set to complete the look on any of the buffalo skulls for sale through Bighorn Taxidermy. Reach out to Dean at 307-899-7700 today to learn about how our buffalo horns are cleaned and treated or to place a special order for buffalo horns.


Medium sets: $25 each
(Herd bulls) XL sets: $75 each
Misc Horns: $10 each $6 each for orders 100 count or more